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Barilla Pipette rigate Pasta (500g)

Over time, the Pipe family has different variations of shapes and sizes depending on the region. In Naples, for example, they prefer very large ones, to be cooked in the oven, while in the Center-North the size is decreasing. Small in size but large in taste, Barilla Striped Pipettes have the unparalleled feature of capturing the dressing by jealously keeping it inside and between the subtle external stripes, to then reveal it only in the mouth, in a magical harmony of flavors.

Barilla Spaghettini No.13 (500g)

Barilla Linguine no. 13 is a durum wheat semolina pasta originated from Liguria region.Barilla Linguine are particulary appetizing even if

Barilla Spaghettini No.3 (500g)

Barilla's Spaghettini no 3 is a thinner form of the classic spaghetti, made of the finest durum wheat semolina for impeccable body and flavour.

Chicken Curry Flavour Noodles

Indomie Chicken Curry flavour is the nation's favourite since 1982. The flavour offers an exotic Indonesian curry taste and aroma.

Chicken Flavour Noodles

Indomie Chicken flavour is the first legendary Indomie variant. The taste is delightful, warm, and savoury, reminds you of the classic home-made chicken soup taste.