Sweet White Potato


White Rose potatoes are best suited for cooked applications such as boiling, frying, baking, or mashing. The White Rose potato will stay firm and hold its shape when cooked making it an ideal choice for scalloped potatoes, casseroles, and potato salads. Boil, mash, and serve as is or use it to stuff tacos, thicken soups, or make twice baked potatoes. White Rose potatoes pair well with onions, garlic, poultry, shallots, smoked Gruyere cheese, rosemary, mustard, and white pepper. White Rose potatoes will keep up to two weeks when stored in a cool, dry, and dark place. Avoid refrigeration as the cold temperatures will cause the potato to become overly sweet and turn a dark unappetizing color.

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White Rose potatoes are medium to large in size and are oblong to round with a slightly flattened and irregular shape, approximately five centimeters in diameter. The smooth, off-white to cream-colored skin is thin to the point where it almost appears translucent and is speckled with faint, medium-set eyes and brown spots. The white flesh is firm, dense, and has a low starch content and a waxy texture. When cooked, White Rose potatoes are smooth and creamy with a buttery and earthy flavor.


White Rose potatoes are available year-round, with peak season in the late spring through early summer.

Current Facts

White Rose potatoes, botanically classified as Solanum tuberosum ‘White Rose,’ are commonly marketed today as a type of California new potato along with norkotah russets, yukon golds, and round reds. As a new potato, the White Rose is harvested when it is young, and its flavor is at its peak. Also known as California White, Long White, American Giant, and Wisconsin Pride, the White Rose potato is one of the most prized of the California new potatoes and is grown primarily in the United States.