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Chicken Breast Diced (Small pasta size cut)


Chicken breast diced (cut small for pasta)

Chicken Kebab Mince

Key Ingredients: Chicken thigh minced with Green chilli, onion, Ginger and coriander. Ideal for chicken kebab and Kofta.

Fresh Chicken Burgers (4)

Package Content: 4 x 150g Raw Chicken Burger Patties (Marinated) Weight: Approx: 4 x 150g  each (Total: 600g)   *Suitable for home freezing.

Marinated Chicken Butterfly – Peri Peri

A whole butterfly chicken – removed back bone and flattened – skin off. Marinated in our special Peri Peri marinade. Freshly prepared and vacuum packed in store – can be kept in the fridge at home or frozen to enjoy at a later date. Our packaging allows the chicken to continue to marinate in its seasoning and makes it delicious to cook in the oven, grill, air fryer or bbq. Spice level: Medium