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Weight 500g , 1Kg


Courgette are a long and slim variety of squash, named for its golden yellow outer skin. Their flavor and texture are at their most ideal when smaller and at five and a half inches in length or less. Their outer skin is shiny and smooth with an overall bright yellow color and thin white stripes that run the length of the squash. It is capped with yellow and bright green at both its stem and blossom end. Its inner flesh is creamy and white with a firm texture. It offers a vegetal, nutty flavor that sweetens slightly when cooked.


Courgette is available in the spring and summer.

Current Facts

Courgette is botanically classified as part of the species Cucurbita pepo and a member of the Cucurbitaceae family. Also known as a type of Courgette, yellow varieties of Courgette are relatively new to the commercial marketplace. When originally released in 1973 golden zucchini was awarded a PVP or Plant Variety Protection, that patent of sorts has since expired which allowed the golden Courgette to become an open pollinated variety in the public domain. This made it possible for new varieties of golden Courgette such as the Goldmine to be developed.